Separation of Concerns Now in Triggered Flows in Salesforce

Ben Butler
2 min readOct 1, 2021


Salesforce now allows subflows to be called from record triggered flows.

We can now separate the logic of triggered flows from the trigger itself. This allows us to have a cleaner and more modular flow structure.

Record-triggered flows can now be reduced to the bare minimum. The flow has a single responsibility, that it is a trigger. Changes to the flow are only concerned with the fact that it is a trigger. Since there will not likely be much if any logic needed for trigger responsibility, record triggered flows will likely just be the bare minimum

The subflow has a separate responsibility. Now that it is no longer concerned if it is in a trigger it can focus on its responsibility. Invoking other flows that manage other responsibilities. The only responsibility of the trigger execution is scale other execution.

We may not need the decision components to be in the flow, it may be moved to the subflow.

Flows are becoming more manageable than ever before. Micro-flow design, while it may be difficult to navigate primarily due to the development environment of Salesforce, allow the lowest level of effort to change. When it comes to our processes, less is more.